Transitioning Out

Transitioning Out of The Harris School

The goal of our program is for students to successfully transition into a more mainstream school environment. There is no set time frame to reach this goal, for each child is different. With all school, home and outside team members in full cooperation, THS graduates will be able to:


  • Work successfully and collaboratively with others in a variety of settings (home, school, sports, etc.)
  • Complete a school day without a major behavioral or emotional interruption.
  • “Move on” and recover when faced with obstacles.
  • Transition to a recommended school and perform on-level academically.

When a student is ready to transition, the team approach comes into play again. Parents, family consultants and teachers work together to find an appropriate setting for your child, complete the application process and provide emotional support. If your family consultant has appointment openings, you may meet with them for one month (4 visits) at a discounted rate. After that, the full rate will apply.