Sensory Room

SENSORY ROOM -- Funded by the Farb Foundation

Many students at The Harris School have challenges related to sensory processing. For that reason and to help regulate their nervous systems, we make sensory activities available to them during the school day.

Our sensory room offers a variety of activities -- some calming, others stimulating. Examples of the activities include: general exploration/use of the room's environment and equipment, mindfulness and self-soothing exercises, progressive relaxation exercises, deep breathing, distress-tolerance activities, sensorimotor activities, stretching and isometric exercises, use of therapy balls, independent application of deep pressure touch activities as well as imagery. These activities can help a child maximize:

  • Daily functioning, which includes feeling more successful in school
  • Intellectual, social, and emotional development
  • Development of positive self-esteem
  • Mind and body to ready the child for learning
  • Positive interactions
  • Achievement of normal developmental milestones

Students identified as needing the sensory room are scheduled throughout the day with their occupational therapist or a teacher.