Our Curriculum


The Harris School provides a comprehensive curriculum of intellectual, aesthetic and physical activities to further our students' cognitive, social-emotional and physical development. Regardless of a child's diagnosis, trauma or special need, we incorporate both academic and social-emotional growth into their school day.  


Our staff understands each student comes to our school at different levels of development and needs an individualized plan in order to grow. We continuously balance the academic and emotional needs of the student using a therapeutic approach to achieve academic growth.


Our preschool curriculum is based on the guidelines and standards of Texas Education Agency (TEA) with an emphasis on discovery and play. Lessons for our school-aged students are based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). These students are assessed for academic growth in reading and math using Let’s Go Learn -- an online, standardized assessment  -- to provide objective, individualized assessment data aiding us in creating individualized instruction plans.