The Intake Process

Initial Outreach

When you contact The Harris School, our director will complete an initial intake form and set an appointment for you to tour the school.


The Tour

During the tour you will have plenty of time to ask questions and receive an application packet.


Clinical Meeting

After you return the application, signed consent form and $500 application fee, a family consultant will call you to schedule a clinical visit without your child present. Please bring copies of any recent assessments you have for your child. 

Consultation & Observation

A family consultant will contact your child's outside providers listed on your consent form for consultation and review their feedback along with your child's assessment. The family consultant may also observe your child in their current setting; this step may skipped if it is not necessary or possible. 


Child Visit

A family consultant will arrange a time for you and your child to meet the teacher. The teacher will engage your child in a short activity -- either play for younger children or academics for older children.



If it is determined that our program could be helpful to your child, a family consultant will contact you to discuss admission status and work with you to determine a start date. New enrollees will receive a tuition agreement by email from T.A.D.S. -- our tuition management company.