Who We Are

The Harris School opened in 1997 and is located in southwest Houston and enrolls approximately 30 students from PreK3 through 6th grade. Developed by child psychiatrists and analysts, the school continues to be funded by donations and grants as well as student tuition.

Parents seek our help when their child’s typical course of development is interrupted by social challenges, emotional struggles and/or mental health concerns. These interruptions can sometimes result in inappropriate behaviors that mask the child's ultimate potential making it nearly impossible to succeed in a mainstream, traditional classroom.

The Harris School is named after one of its founders; Hunter Harris, M.D. was a board member, outstanding contributor, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. 

What We Do

We focus on the emotional world of the child and its impact on behaviors using a team approach.We offer specialized curriculum for children in PreK3 through 6th grade who are typically:

  • average to above average intellectually
  • have needs that are not being met in a traditional school setting
  • are not functioning at their full potential due to underlying social or emotional difficulties. 

The ultimate goal of The Harris School is to transition students back into a more mainstream, academic setting equipped with coping strategies, new patterns of thinking and a more positive attitude.