Why do I need to come to Family Consultant meetings once a week to discuss my child?

I know that coming to meet with your family consultant is a hassle. Between work schedules and all of the other requirements of maintaining a family in our busy world it is just one more thing to think about. That being said, Family Consultant meetings are an inconvenient but necessary part of The Harris School program. First let’s look at the math. We are with your children 32 hours a week or up to 39 if they are in aftercare. The remaining 129 to 136 hours are up to you; aside from the hopefully 56 hours of sleep we are all getting when our children allow it (thanks son). Without your observations we have very little data to work with.

Second, your children are here to deal with issues that require a therapeutic approach. In order to affect change in therapy or in a therapeutic environment children need to allow themselves to be vulnerable, to admit that there is something that may need to change or that they may need to work on. It’s not easy as these kids usually come to our school hurt and defended against getting hurt again. In order to understand what has led them to this point in their lives we need you, the experts, their parents. While I like to flatter myself that I have some insight into human behavior, I will never understand and know your child the way you do.

This leads me to a final thought about the meetings. Just as we ask the kids to allow themselves to be vulnerable we ask the same of you. If I ever ask what may seem an embarrassing or probing question or make an observation that is uncomfortable, I only do so to understand and aid your child. It’s tough work and a lot to ask of you, but it’s a necessary part of the journey.