Student Profile

Our Students

Students at The Harris School are experiencing some type of social/emotional difficulty such as anxiety, attention issues, mood disorders or neurological disorders. (See the links below for additional information). They typically have average to above average intelligence but have a hard time performing well in school and forming relationships with others.

Our Graduates

The ultimate goal of The Harris School is to transition students back into a more mainstream academic setting, equipped with coping strategies, new patterns of thinking and a more positive attitude. Each year, approximately one third of The Harris School’s students are able to transition based on the following measurable goals:

  • Able to work collaboratively with others in a variety of settings
  • Able to complete a school day without a major behavioral or emotional interruption
  • Able to communicate feelings and needs to others
  • Able to “move on” and recover when faced with obstacles
  • Able to perform successfully on the appropriate academic level


Adjustment Disorders
Asperger’s Syndrome
Attachment Disorders
Attention Deficit Disorder – ADHD, ADD
Mood Disorders
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Sensory Integration Dysfunction
Separation Anxiety Disorder
Tourette Syndrome