Inside The Class Room


The Harris School works with children ages 3-12. Students are grouped based on cognitive ability, and emotional development levels. We attempt to keep the students with their social age group and meet their academic needs on an individual basis.

Our classrooms are physically set up to have a “home-like” feeling, giving our students a sense of warmth and safety. The use of color, texture, sound, lighting and furniture placement helps us address many different needs. We offer alternatives to traditional desk seating, with the belief that when the students’ preferences are met, behavior and performance improve.

The teachers use an inclusive approach to learning the provides flexibility for a wide variety of learning styles while continuing to be academically challenging. They must have tolerance and understanding when a student’s emotions interfere with his/her learning. The classroom schedule allows for adequate time in each subject area, but when a student cannot complete his/her assignments due to behaviors, we allow for flexibility within those schedules. The goal is to help the student make appropriate choices regarding his/her schoolwork and to understand the concept of “moving on” with the day and not getting “stuck”. In order to achieve this goal, we have a very low teacher/pupil ratio of 1:5.