Ask Mr. Bob

February 2016

Mr. Bob,
What is it like to come to a therapeutic school like The Harris School?

September 2015

Mr. Bob,
My child has been misbehaving for a long time. Is there hope that he can learn to respond to the world in a different way?

April 2015

Mr. Bob,
Why does my child react more aggressively and seem more reactive than other children I’ve observed?

November 2014

Dear Mr. Bob,
When I was pregnant with my son I had all kinds of dreams for him, dreams that did not include the issues that he struggles with. Do other parents also feel this way? If so, how do they deal with it?

June 2014

Dear Mr. Bob, Brothers and sisters can often seem dedicated to one purpose, causing each other as much misery as possible. This sibling rivalry can make a household feel like a warzone, with parents constantly having to throw themselves on emotional grenades to make it through the day. Why do kids torment each other in this way and what can be done about it?

March 2014

Dear Mr. Bob, I can’t seem to get my child out the door on time without meltdowns because he's tired from not getting enough rest at night. How can I get my child to go to bed and how can I get him out of the door without a fight?

October 2013

Dear Mr. Bob, we’re having problems with my son asking for permission to do things from one of us after the other has already said no. What should we do about this and why is he doing it?

June 2013

Mr. Bob, my child argues with nearly every instruction I give. Why is he so oppositional and what can I do to make him comply?

February 2013

Mr. Bob, why do I need to come to Family Consultant meetings once a week to discuss my child?